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 Yiannis Kontoyiannis

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Yin Se

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PostSubject: Yiannis Kontoyiannis   Sun Jul 29, 2012 5:19 am

Name: Yiannis Kontoyiannis
Age: 20
Birthday: 18/07
Gender: Male
Eyes: Hazel
Hair: Brown-blond
Skin Tone: normal
Body Type: Built
Accent: Greek
God|Titan|Primordial Parent: Apollo
Mortal Parent: Katerina Kontoyianni
Siblings: none
Place or origin: He is from Metsovo Greece
Education/occupation: Finished music school and now he's a singer. If he gives up singing he'll become a soccer player
Ethnic background: Greek
Personality: Out going and a chill person. He'll hang with the populars and the noobs. He loves greek music and he was really happy when represented Greece on heEurovision song contest.
Hobbies: Singing, Soccer
Picture or 10 sentence physical description:
Talents: Singing and playing instruments
Flaws: He is very trustful, he's like an open book thing bad cause that makes him predictable to his enemies.
Weapon: Celestial bronze long bow
Clothing: Literally anything cute rock style
History(7 sentence): When he was 12 he left Metsovo to persue his dream to become a soccer player but he had a serious injury holding him from that. When he turned 15 he got in a music reality TV show and won. Two years later he found out who he dad was. He went to CHB for a year. Once he returned to Greece he represented Greece in a European Song Contest. For the last year he's built quite a carreer on the music industry in Greece. Even though monsters attacks happen and sometimes he's severly injured, no one finds out since he's not going out too much.
RP Example(6 sentence): I was in the backstage right before I got on stage. I had a feeling something would go wrong but I still had to do it. I heard the music starting and waited to hear Mike singing cause I would show up in the middle of the first verse. As he reached the point I show up I got on stage just to realize most of tonight's costumers were monsters. I hope they wouldn't attack me in the open like that but still. Before the second verse ended an empousai took aim at me but I hit her with my longbow. Good thing mortals couldn't see it
Notes: None
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Yiannis Kontoyiannis
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