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 Storm shadow

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PostSubject: Storm shadow   Thu Aug 02, 2012 1:15 am

You start with 6 slots and you may only have ONE DEMITITAN

Name:Thomas S. Arashikage (Storm Shadow)
Age: 19
Birthday: 4/4
Gender: male
Eyes: brown
Hair: black
Skin Tone: Asian
Body Type: see above
Accent: none
God|Titan|Primordial Parent: izanomi
Mortal Parent: unknown
Siblings: snake eyes (half brother) Kenzie (sister) Zachary (half brother)
Place or origin: Fresno, California 
Education/occupation: US army basic training, ninja training at Fuji clan, advanced assassin training. Now is a hired assassin and mercenary
Ethnic background: Japanese 
Picture or 10 sentence physical description: see above
Flaws: upholds his honor very high, completes his mission or dies, afraid of apes and sharks
Powers: terra kinesis, spiritual connectivity, telepathy, geo kinesis
Weapon: 2 AO Kantanas one with an ivory hilt, the other with a silver hilt, several shrukins of various metals, bow and arrow, martial arts, nunchucks, anything he can find
Clothing: see picture
History(10 sentence): Thomas was born in Fresno California in the 1990s and his mother was killed within three months of giving birth. Thomas was then sent to his nearest relative Hard Master, who lived on mount Fuji, in the outskirts of Tokyo. Once there he grew up among other ninjas and found out he had an adopted brother who was named Snake eyes. He and snake eyes got along well until snake eyes began to take his place as favorite to the master. Finally thomas had too much of it and made poisoned tea for snake eyes. However a servant got the cups confused and the master was poisoned. Storm shadow then fled the dojo, convinced that snake eyes had poisoned the master and he went to plot his revenge. Ever since then at the age of 10 when that happened thomas has been living in A forest somewhere Around tokyo. Then when Thomas was 12 he encountered his sister, makenzie and he began to teach her further and more dangerous ninja techniques. For 7 years he taught Kenzie and she and him became close siblings. Finally when Kenzie went to explore the world and practice her techniques Thomas was the last person to see her before she left the first time.
RP Example(6 sentence): I looked at my sister, Kenzie as she swung her ninjato around at the target. "faster snake fang" I called and she nodded. I smiled and drew my own blade, an Asian ore Kantana with a silver hilt. 

"you know I have a blindfold on" she said and smiled at me. "and yes I heard you draw it" he continued.

"Kenzie, you have amazing senses" I said and stabbed at her sword hand. She instantly moved and parried my blade. Then be stepped back and stabbed at my neck. I dodged and slashed at her waist.

(celestial bronze-only for greek
Imperial gold-only for Romans
Stygian iron-only for children of underworld deities
Obsidian-only for Aztec/Mayan
Celtic iron-only for Celtic
Asian ore-only for Japanese/Chinese
Asgardian brass-only for Norse)



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Storm shadow
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