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 List of gods/titans/primordials

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PostSubject: List of gods/titans/primordials   Thu Aug 02, 2012 1:18 am

This list is under editing, it may not be 100% accurate

Due to amount of gods we will not be able to have all of them.
*=taken #=not allowed for demigod children €=not allowed as a character

Greek Gods:

Aegaeus-God of violent sea-storms
Aeolus-God of the winds
Ares-God of war and conflict. *
Artemis-Goddess of hunting and maidens* #
Apollo-God of music and healing *
Athena-Goddess of wisdom *
Boreas-God of the north wind whose wintry breath brought the cold of winter
Calliope-Goddess of epic poetry.
Charites-Goddesses of joy, pleasure, mirth, beauty, dancing, feasts and banquets.
Chione-Goddess of snow
Clio-The Muse of historical writings
Deimos- God of fear.
Demeter-Goddess of agriculture
Dike-Goddess of justice *
Dionysus-God of wine, viticulture, and wild vegetation.
Eirene-Goddess of peace.
Enyo-Goddess of war,
Erato-The Muse of love poetry and mimicry.
Eris-Goddess of strife.
Eros-God of love
Eurus-God of the east wind 
Hades-God of the underworld *
Hebe-Goddess of youth.
Hephaestus-God of metalworking, building, sculpture, and artistry. *
Hera-Goddess of women. #
Hesperides-Goddesses of sunsets.
Hestia-Goddess of the hearth. *
Hypnos-God of sleep 
Iris-Goddess of the rainbow and messenger of the gods.
Lethe-Goddess of the underworld river of oblivion
Melpomene-Goddess muse of tragedy plays.
Nike-Goddess of victory.
Phobus-God of phobias(fear).
Pyriphlegethon-The God of the underworld river of fire €
Persephone-Goddess of springtime
Polyhymnia-Goddess muse of religious hymns.
Poseidon-God of oceans *
Terpsichore-The Muse of choral dance and song.
Thalia-The Muse of comedy drama and idyllic poetry.
Thanatos-God of Death
Ourania-Goddess Muse of astronomy and astronomical writings.
Zeus- god of sky and lightning *
Zelos-God of rivalry and competition.

Roman Gods:

Apollo-Roman God of healing and music *
Aquilo - Roman god of the north wind
Auster - Roman god of the south wind
Bacchus - Roman god of wine and intoxication
Cupid - Roman god of desire, affection
Diana-Roman goddess of childbirth, hunting, and maiden hood#
Discordia - Roman goddess of strife
Favonius - Roman god of the west wind
Fortuna - Roman goddess of fortune and luck
Juno - Roman goddess of marriage and childbirth #
Jupiter- Roman god of sky and lightning *
Justitia -Roman goddess of justice *
Lucifier - Roman god of the morning star
Luna - Roman goddess of the moon
Mars - Roman god of war *
Matuta - Roman goddess of the dawn
Neptune- Roman god of oceans *
Pluto- Roman god of the underworld *
Somnus - Roman god of sleep
Victoria - Roman goddess of victory
Vulcan - Roman god of fire *
Vulturnus -Roman god of the east winds

Titans/Primordial: (only one Demititan/primordial and one Titan/primordial per member)

Aether-Titan of the mists of light which fill the upper zones of air €
Astraeus-Titan of the stars, the winds, and the art of astrology.  €
Atlas-Titan of astronomy and the revolution of the heavnely constellations.
Clymene-Titan of fame and renown.
Coeus-Titan of the intellect
Kronos-Titan of destructive time
Eos-Titan of the dawn.
Erebus-Titan of darkness
Helios-Titan of the sun
Hemera-Titan of the day €
Hydros-Titan of water.
Hyperion-Titan god of light, the sun, the moon and the dawn.
Gaea- Titan of earth *
Lelantos-Titan of the breezes of the air.
Menoetius-Titan of violent anger and rash action
Metis-Titan of good counsel. 
Mnemosyne-Titan of memory, words and language.
Nyx-Titan of night €
Oceanus-Titan of the earth-encircling, fresh-water river Oceanus.
Ourea-Titan of the mountains
Pallas-Titan of warcraft and the military campaign season.
Perses-Titan of destruction
Phanes-Titan of generation €
Phoebe-Titan of intellect
Pontos-Titan of the sea €
Selene-Titan of the moon.
Styx-Titan of oaths of allegiance and of the deadly
Tethys-Titan of the sources of fresh-water. 
Theia-Titan of sight and the shining light of heaven
Themis-Titan of the natural order, divine law and tradition.
Ouranos-Titan of the Sky
Norse gods:

Baldr - God of beatuy, innocence, peace, and rebirth. 
Bragi - God of poetry. 
Búri - The first god and father of Borr.
Dagr - God of the daytime
Delling - God of dawn
Eir - Goddess of healing.
Forseti - God of justice, peace and truth.
Gmot - God of the moon.
Hel - Queen of Neifelheim, the Norse underworld.
Hlín - Goddess of consolation and protection.
Höðr - God of winter.
Odin-king of asgard *
Jörð - Goddess of the Earth. #
Kvasir - God of inspiration.
Lofn - Goddess of love.
Máni - God of Moon.
Njörðr - God of sea, wind, fish, and wealth.
Sol (Sunna) - Goddess of Sun.
Thor (Donar) - God of thunder and battle. 
Tiki- God of stone.
Ullr - God of skill, hunt, and duel
Vör - Goddess of wisdom.

Aztec and Mayan gods:

Quetzalcoatl was the Aztec creator god and god of the wind 
Tezcatlipoca - the warrior god of the north and the god of sin and misery
Camaxtli:  Camaxtli is a god of war and hunting.
Jade Skirt: Goddess of lakes and streams and personification of youthful beauty. 
Tlaloc - He who makes things grow. 
Xipe Totec - Our Lord of the Flayed One
God of suffering and diseases and goldsmiths.
Xochiquetzal: , maize, vegetation, artistry, 
Xochipilli: Flower Prince 
The twin of Xochiquetzal, Xochipilli is a god of flowers, maize, love, games, song, and dance.
Ah Puch is the god of death. *#

Japanese gods:

Amateras:. She is the greatest of the Japanese gods, the sun goddess, 
Izanami and Izanagi: In Japanese Shinto mythology, Izanami is a primordial goddess and personification of the Earth and Izanagi isdarkness. €
Kagutsuchi: japanese god of fire 
Susanoh:  ruled the oceans and was god of rain, thunder, and lightning. 
Tsukiyomi no Mikoto: The Shinto moon god 
Ukemochi (Ogetsu-no-hime): Food goddess 
Uzume: is the Shinto goddess of joy and happiness

Celtic gods:

Alator: was associated with Mars, 
Belenus:  is a Celtic god of healing 
 Borvo: (Bormanus, Bormo) was a Gallic god of healing springs 
Bres:  a Celtic fertility god,
Brigantia: British goddess connected with river and water cults, 
Brigit:  the Celtic goddess of fire, healing, fertility, poetry, cattle, and patroness of smiths. 
 Ceridwen:  is a Celtic shape-shifting goddess of poetic inspiration. 
Egyptian gods

Anubis is god of funerals and death. *
Apophis is the god of chaos.
Babi is the god of baboons.
Bast is the cat goddess.
Bes is the dwarf god.
Geb is the god of the earth.
Hapi is the god of the nile.
Hathor is the goddess of love.
Horus is the god of war,sky, and falcons
Isis is the goddess of magic, marriage, healing, and motherhood. *
Khonsu is the god of the Moon.
Ma'at is the goddess of justice and of order.€
Nephthys is the river goddess.
Nekhbet is the vulture goddess.
Nut is the goddess of sky and stars.
Osiris is the god of the underworld and the afterlife. 
Ptah is the god of creation.#
Ra is the god of the Sun and king of the gods 
Set is the god of evil *
Sehkmet is the goddess of lions and fire.
Serqet is the goddess of scorpions.
Shu is the god of wind and air
Sobek is the god of crocodiles and alligators.
Thoth is the scribe god and the god of wisdom, also known as Djehuti.
Chinese gods

Dizang: ruler of the ten hells
Four Heavenly Kings: four Buddhist guardian gods
Chang'e: goddess of the Moon
Daoji: folk hero known for wild and eccentric behavior
Erlang Shen: god of truth
Yu Huang (Jade Emperor)
Gong Gong: water god/sea monster r
Guan Yu: god of brotherhoods, martial power, and war
Jum sum: god of sleep and dreams
Lei Gong: god of thunder
Matsu: goddess of the sea
Sun Wukong (also the Monkey King)
Tam Kung: sea deity with 
Three Pure Ones: the Taoist trinity €
Daode Tianzun€
Lingbao Tianzun€
Yuanshi Tianzun€

Tu Di Gong: god of wealth and merit
Wenchang Wang: god of culture and literature
Zhu Rong: god of fire



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List of gods/titans/primordials
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