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 Kyle, Son of Nyx

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PostSubject: Kyle, Son of Nyx   Mon Aug 06, 2012 9:53 am

Demigod Form

Name: Kyle Acersz
Age: 16
Birthday: September 18th, 1995
Gender: Male
Eyes: A weird, dark, paralyzing brown
Hair: Black
Skin Tone: Tanish-whitish
Body Type: Skinny
Accent: None, just talks like a messed-up dude
God|Titan|Primordial Parent: Nyx
Mortal Parent: Any Acersz
Siblings: Kyle is believed to have a lost sibling. This is his biggest true flaw. Kyle will never give up on finding him/her.
Place or origin: Austin, Texas, USA.
Education/occupation: Kyle never went to school/on the boat, because on this first day he was always expelled.
Ethnic background: Greeks
Personality: Kyle is a very, very, bad boy. He always wanted to destroy stuff, be mean, and never play by the rules. Kyle does have a soft side when it comes to family, though. He always wanted to find his lost sibling, and will never give up on it.
Hobbies; Kyle likes to destroy stuff.
Picture or 10 sentence physical description: Picture above.
Talents: Kyle's talent is...destroying stuff. He is the best at it.
Flaws: Once again, Kyle's lost sibling. If you even dare touch the subject, he will cry. Kyle also hates big snakes, but he'll never admit it. One time, he was dared to eat a snake. Kyle wasn't a fan. Kyle's least flaw, but still a flaw, is being exposed for the good stuff he does. Kyle does very nice stuff for his family, and if someone found out, that would ruin a bit of him.
Powers: Kyle has a gift to shadow travel. Nyx is really the person to have kids like that, but yeah. Kyle can shadow-travel cross two states at a time at most, then must rest a hour. Kyle can do this 7 times a day. Sometimes he travels on companions, and this is their limit, too.
Weapon: Kyle uses a CB knife.
Clothing: It is pictured in the...picture. Kyle wears goth clothing, and ripped jeans. Lots of times, he wears chains and stuff like that too. Kyle likes to also wear bad stuff, like a shirt with a cuss word on it. He likes to wear sleeveless clothing, and leather jackets.
History(6 sentence): Kyle was born on September 18th, 1995. He was one tough baby. Kyle started walking at only eight months, and if he fell, he learned to suck it up. His father, Any, was re-married when Kyle was two years old and about a quarter. At age three, he went on a cruise with his Any. Any and his stepmother had a baby, literally on that cruise. But, a giant sea monster crashed the boat. The baby was taken, before Kyle even knew what it was. Something that day changed inside of Kyle. He was out to find his sibling, and kill, kill, kill. You'd think that Any would've told him, but his father didn't even know Kyle knew what happened. He wasn't old enough to process that stuff, he thought. Kyle had to run away from home at age six to go look for his sibling. He went out in the ocean on a boat. Well, Kyle went to school there, but got kicked out. Okay, confessions, he got kicked off of the boat. Kyle kept switching boats, but kept getting kicked out. During that time, Kyle never found his sibling. Before the cops put him in juvy, he went back to his family, where they could never find him. Kyle officially became bad at eight. He got kicked of every school, once again, before the cops could find him. Kyle wanted to know how he did it, and soon got claimed by Nyx and found out about shadow travel. At age ten, Kyle went to CHB. He is currently still there, being bad, and searching for his sibling.
RP Example(6 sentence): Kyle ran out of the store fast, before the guy could catch him stealing jewlery. He made a right to the nearest tunnel, and hid there.

"Nice work, kid," said a man passing by.

Kyle looked at the man, looking around. He didn't want any attention drawn to them. "Thanks, man. Who are you, bro?" he whispered.

"I am Grec, a man of business," the man said. He handed Kyle his card.

Kyle looked at it. "A business for pawning gold and jewls?" he asked, looking at his jewlery. Kyle thought. "I'll sell them for three-thousand dollars."

"Way too high. How about five-hundred?" Grec asked.

"I can get more than that on ebay," Kyle said. (Quote from Spider-Man 2 garbage man selling Spidey's costume to Jonnah Mason)

"Fine. One thousand?" Grec asked.

"Two thousand five-hundred," Kyle smiled. He liked this.

"Meet you at two-thousand. No more than that," Grec said.

"Two-thousand two-hundred fifty," Kyle said.

Grec growled. "Two-thousand one-hundred twenty-five."

"Two-thousand two-hundred," Kyle wanted to laugh.

"FINE!" Grec yelled, as the cops came.

Kyle looked worried. "Send me the money in the mail and I'll send these babies," he said and patted the jewlery, and left with it.

The cops looked at Grec. "You're under arrest!" they said, and cuffed him.

"Why?" Grec asked.

"Don't play dumb. You stole those jewls," one said, thinking it was Kyle.

"No! That was....some other guy!"

"Nice try," the cops said, shoving him in the cop car.

Notes: Nope.

Reserved slot for a rare character with a gift from their titan/god parent
7 slots
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Kyle, Son of Nyx
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