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 Racon, Daughter of Chione

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PostSubject: Racon, Daughter of Chione   Tue Aug 07, 2012 7:21 am

Demigod Form

Name: Racon Acersz
Age: Racon is 13.
Birthday: Racon was born on October 16th, 1998.
Gender: Racon is a female. A very violent one, although.
Eyes: She has blue icey eyes, but you don't notice because of her cape.
Hair: Racon has short brown hair, but once again, you never notice 'cuz of her cape.
Skin Tone: Tan
Body Type: Racon is skinny.
Accent: None.
God|Titan|Primordial Parent: Chione
Mortal Parent: Any Acersz
Siblings: Racon has a brother (Kyle) but never met him.
Place or origin: Racon was born out in the Atlantic Ocean on a cruise/Antarctica
Education/occupation: Racon has none.
Ethnic background: Greeks
Personality: Racon is a blood-thirtsy person. Anyone in her way of finding her brother, Kyle, will practically die. Racon likes pain, the way she is. She never got along with others. That is because she can't find someone she trusts. But, sometime, someway, she will.
Hobbies; Racon likes being blood-thirsty and freezing people unless they tell her where her brother is.
Picture or 10 sentence physical description: Racon is very skinny and lean. She was mistaken for a skeleton once she was so lean. Racon always wears a cape, not risking of someone finding out who she is. She has tan skin, and icey blue eyes. Her brown eyes are the hot kind of icey blue, which makes her extra angry. Racon's brown, short hair looks liked it was put through a shredder, but at times, it does indeed look very nice. Her waist is the skinniest of her body. It is only 22 inches around. Racon's legs are very pale, especially around her knees. (I have a pic but yeah just wanted to explain.)
Talents: Racon is good at dodging things.
Flaws: Racon's flaws are: someone finding about how she feels about SOME things. This is mostly because she once again is always looking for that person to tell. This is also why she is so unfriendly to certain people. Another one of Racon's fears are people finding out about her deeply loving and caring for her bro. Lastly, her last flaw is that she's not good at listening. Never in her life was she good at listening. This is just a minor bonus flaw, but she will never admit it, but she'd never kill someone. At most, she freezes.
Powers: Racon can turn up to two people frozen, until they are melted, basically. This is a curse of her's, but saved her when she was little. Racon's curse doesn't have a limit ('cuz it's a curse), but sometimes after like five to ten times of freezing things, she gets drowsy.
Weapon: Racon has four CB knives and one CB sword. She keeps a belt to hold this.
Clothing: Racon always wears her cape, and her belt with her weapons. She usually is hidden, only like, when in the dark she's not. (It is pictured).
History(6 sentence): Racon was born out at sea with Any, and Chione. At this time, Any and Chione had only been together for three days. Kyle didn't ever know that Chione was a goddess. He always thought she was a mortal. Anyway, when the sea-serpent came, Chione just disappeared. Racon was taken by the sea-monster, and she started drowning and dieing. But, suddenly, she formed a giant icecube and floated to the top of the ocean in it. About four days later, Racon was found by another cruise. She was taken to the nearest island. Her icecube melted, and that got her mad, even when she was a baby. After two years at the island, being taken care of by the passenger (who took care of her and stopped her trip on the boat) she was a magic-baby. At night, Racon made another icecube and sailed away. She was soon at Antarctica. She was taken by a man and women and lived there for six years. There names were Adrilis and Adir. They were married. At age 8, Racon was claimed by Chione. She figured out about her brother, and before CHB, decided to look for him. Racon told Adrilis and Adir, but they didn't believe her. At night, she made ANOTHER icecube and sailed away. Racon found another boat, and went to California to start looking. After freezing people and trying to get info around the United States, she never found him. At age 12, Racon faced the facts. She went to CHB for like two dys, then left it. Racon is still looking for her bro.
RP Example(6 sentence): Racon looked at a person walking by. It was a women in a red dress with a little puppy. Racon grabbed her.

"Now, tell me! Where is my bro!?" she yelled at the woman. The puppy got scared.

The women stepped back. "I don't know what you mean!"

"My brother! His name was....Kyle? Yeah, Kyle," Racon said.

"What does he look like, sweetie?" The women asked nicely.

"I DON'T KNOW!" Racon got so angry she froze the women. She kicked her to the side. Racon heard the cops. She sighed and ran up upon a building, looking down.

"How would've this women got frozen?" one cop asked.

"Lerry, this has been happening everywhere. It's obviously some psycho evil villian that made a freeze-ray or something."

The other cop nodded and they took the women and the dog.

Notes: Nope

Reserved slot for a rare character with a gift from their titan/god parent
7 slots
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Racon, Daughter of Chione
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