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 Anastasia Romanova

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Yin Se
Yin Se

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PostSubject: Anastasia Romanova   Sat Aug 11, 2012 5:10 am

Name: Anastasia Romanova
Age: 17
Birthday: 12 August
Gender: female
Eyes: Blue
Hair: red
Skin Tone: Pale
Body Type: Thin
Accent: Russian
God|Titan|Primordial Parent: Eirene
Mortal Parent: Nikolai Romanov
Siblings: None
Place or origin: Russia
Education/occupation: Webcam tutored by Kaleb
Ethnic background: Russian
Personality: She's a happy curious cheerful person
Hobbies: Singing and dancing
Picture or 10 sentence physical description:
Flaws: impatient, won't stand up for her self sometimes, headstrong, Over confident, Stubborn at times
Powers:Can make peace when needed
Weapon:Celestial bronze sword
Clothing: Anything
History(6 sentence):Anastasia (Anya) is a descendent of the overthrown Tzar Nikolai RomanovII. She is grandaughter of Anastasia Romanov. She is webcam tutored by Kaleb and she's secretely crushing on him. She lives alone since her dad died leaving her enough money to go on living like a princess she is. Now she decided that it'd be safer to fly to Kaleb since he'll help her with everything she can't. Although she's afraid she's not welcome there.
RP Example(6 sentence): I had my ticket and my passport in my hand and a rather big amount of suitcases as I walked off the airport door. I looked around for a taxi and I spotted one fast. I got in and gave the driver a smile as I told him the address I wanted him to take me. I looked out of the window as we drove through the city. I payed him and got out carrying my stuff till I reached the appartment Kaleb lived in. I rung the bell and waited for him to open the door.
Notes: Thick russian accent
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Anastasia Romanova
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