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 The son of insanity

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PostSubject: The son of insanity   Sat Sep 22, 2012 1:41 am


Cold. Wind. Those two things in my cell at any and all moments. The cold bay wind blowing through the open window into the rows of cells here on the rock. I was 18, and in prison. I had committed no crimes though, I was framed. Framed by a crime lord. Somehow he had gotten the court to believe I was guilty. Two years in Alcatraz the court said, effective immediantly. My cell was small, nine feet long, five feet wide and seven feet high. I had nothing in the cell of my own, everything as supplied to me. Well, the things I needed to live. Everything else was earned. I sighed as I lay back on my cot, the darkness filling every corner as the full moon showed through the barred and glass windows. The cold was almost unbearable, but you got used to it. I had been on the rock for maybe a week. My cell was number 174, and was identical to most of the cells except for the 'hole' and solitary. Anyway, I suddenly heard a noise and I looked through the bars into the pitch blackness to see the 34 year old guard simply doing his rounds with only a flashlight. 

"excuse me" I said in a whisper, only loud enough to get his attention and not to awake the cons in the cells around me.

"what is it 174?" he asked and walked over to me. I knew this guard, he was maybe the nicest on the night duty and we would often strike up a chat about politics or sports or something.

"did you hear the game over the radio today? Dodgers beat the sox, see" I told him.

"yes, Jackie boy is quite a player" he responded then looked out towards the city only a mile and three quarters away. 

"miss your family?" I asked and followed his gaze and looked at the well lit city on the bay.

"very much, I'm leaving end of month to head back to them, they live over near Chinatown, see" he said and I nodded. "where your relatives?" he asked and I walked to the bars to see his old weathered face better.

"I got a sis in Philadelphia, my unc in the bay area waitin for me, and then my old man lived out east" I said and sighed.

"everyone knows you were framed, you just aren't the type to be a thief, or a kidnapper or whatever they framed you for. Just you can't argue with the court. Where did they catch you?" he asked, his voice soft and kind, but with the subtle edge of sternness.

"side of them road, apparently the crime lord knocked me out, see?" I said and sat back as the sun began to poke over the city, bathing the island in the morning light. 

"well, looks like we'll wait till your released, oh! And be kindly to your neighbor, he's new" the guard said and I nodded as he walked bak towards the central control area. 

I sighed and changed my clothes into the casual prison cloths they supplied. Not the orange jump suits or the striped shirts like other prisons had. No, instead we got never cloths, cloths suitable for a day in the middle of the massive bay. I noticed the other prisoners doing the same and I stood up, facing the bars. The other cons, in the jail for a variety of things, followed my example and we all waited until the guards came and unlocked the cells, guiding all two-hundred and something prisoners into the good size mess hall. The tear gas canisters were overhead and probably loaded in case they had to be used. I picked up my steel dining tray and got in line, in between two other convicts, both in Alcatraz for murder. I waited patiently, and to admit I was kinda scared. Finally it was my turn and I got eggs and bacon, with a drink of orange juice. I then walked to the corner table, where I had hoped I would be alone, but just my luck. Several of the worst prisoners came to the same table as I was at.  I ate quietly, hoping not to be noticed when a guard came up to me.

"174? Mr. Samuel Rocco? You have a visitor" he told me. I looked up at the guard and I could tell he was new to the rock, and new to the bay. 

"your full of crap" I said and went back to my meal when he put a hand on my shoulder. He leaned down next to me and said. 

"you got a damned visitor, go get in the visitor box" he said and I nodded, hoping I would see some same or someone. I went into the box and sighed as they locked me in, then I saw the visitor enter. 

Well, it wasn't a dame at all but a man, a man that wore all black and seemed to reek of death. I knew this man, the man that had brought me up from childhood basically, my adopted father. 

"hello Samuel, I have come to spring you" he said calmly, his voice making me want to curl up at his feet and sleep forever. 

"hades....." I said lowly and looked at him. "what the hell do you want?" I asked and glared at the god.

"I've come to bring you back, I'm paying your bail, paying the fines. Also I'm here to tell you about your mother" he said with all the calmness of a diplomat.

"fine then, when do I leave?" I asked and tried to maintain a straight face, but I couldn't. I had been trying to find the truth out about my real parents for a while, and the only thing I knew that my dads name was Christian and he fell in love with a goddess.

"now actually" he said as a guard led me out of the visitor box, and outside to the dock. At the dock I could see a small boat, almost like a gondola with a robed man at the back to steer it. I knew this was going to be quite an adventure, correction quite a day.

Chapter 1

October 9th, 2012. Location: Alcatraz

Pain. Confusion. I opened my eyes slowly to see someone standing over me. I shook my head to clear the dizziness and I sat up. 

"you ok?" the man asked as he helped me to my feet. I stood up with his help and I looked around. I was on the docks of Alcatraz, no doubt about that but everything was different. Hundreds of people looked around the prison, which now liked in disrepair. Across the bay San Francisco was bigger and I could see a grey bridge stretching the bay.

"uh, yeah I'm fine" I said and looked around. "what time is it mister?" I asked and continued to look around at how much the area had changed. There was graffiti on the island and a small vehicle, as well as flashing cameras and strange devices that the people held up to there ears.

"um.....I think it's around 1....wait it's 12:59" he said and looked at me funny. "something wrong?" he asks and I looked down, noticing I was still in my prison apparel, completely different than the bright shirts everyone else was wearing. 

"no, nothing's wrong, whats the date?" I asked and looked back at the man. He was dressed in jeans and a leather jacket, with a badge that said 'park service personnel' on it.

"October 9th, 2012" he said and smiled "if I were you I would take the boat back to san Fran" he said and walked to help someone else. 

I nodded and noticed a large boat docking, all white with another two or three hundred people on it. I waited till everyone had gotten off and then I joined the large crowd of people who got on the boat. Then when it was loaded the boat pulled away from the dock and I saw, on the shore, hades with a devious smile on his face.

I glared at the god before taking in my surroundings. Apparently it was the year 2012, a good long time since I had left apparently, almost 55 years I think. I sighed and saw a huge bridge at the mouth of the bay, along with angel island and some other island that a bridge went through. Then there was a thud and I noticed the boat had made it back to the city. I disembarked to find myself surrounded by people of all types, black, Indian, Asian...and everything else. I pushed my way through the crowds and I began to walk across a street, ignoring the card that kept almost hitting me. "how did I get here?" I asked myself as I walked deeper into the city. I looked to my left and right and saw a lot, cars, people, hundreds of small houses and everything else you would find in a city. But I didn't see anything I had seen in the late forties when I was a prisoner. 

"I see you've noticed you aren't in jail anymore, nor in your time period" the familiar voice of hades said from behind me. I turned abruptly and glared at the dark god who still wore that devious, yet haunting smile on his face. 

"why? Why am I hear? I'm all confused, see" I said and walked up to him, sticking my face in his.

"I simply brought you to the future, to meet your mother. She is quite a reckless and insane individual" he said and made a skeleton appear from the ground. "this skeleton will guide you to olympus, and from there, by then you should know enough to easily find your mom. I warn you though, your path will be dark and dangerous and you will find some undesirable facts about both you and your family. Until we meet again, I bid you farewell" he said and vanished into nothing.

I sighed and looked at the skeleton who had somehow gotten a Chevy camaro, black with flames and was sitting in the drivers seat, waiting.I got in the passenger side and stared out the window as the skeleton expertly guided the car out of san fransico and south, towards Santa Cruz, LA, and san Diego. I stayed quiet, wondering what hades had meant....about my mother. Reckless and insane, he said and somehow I couldn't know if I could beileve that. I was a man out of time though, very out of time I think....my first memory wasnt in the bay, but was in a casino..... I sighed, the thoughts making my mind blurry. I had always known that I was a demigod, but my parentage was always unsure.

A few hours later when I finally looked at the skeleton I saw he was wearing desert ranger cloths, riddled with bullets and shrapnel. He glanced over me and gave me a smile, but the smile was unnatural with him only half having flesh, and his bone sticking out in places. As much as he scared me I didn't let it show. I sighed when I looked out the window again and we were entering some small town when we stopped, and there was an armed girl in front. Armed with a crossbow, or maybe it was a bow. I began to get out of the car when an arrow pinned me to the door. I felt blood on my shoulder and I soon blacked out under all the sudden pain, the skeleton offering no assistance.



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Posts : 4435
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Join date : 2012-06-19
Age : 21
Location : Under pressure

PostSubject: Re: The son of insanity   Fri Nov 16, 2012 6:19 am

Chapter two. 

I walked up to the guy I had just fired at. He matched the descriptions of two things. My great uncle, and the wanted criminal that had been framed back in the days when Alcatraz was being used actively. I saw he had passed out and I pulled the arrow from his shirt, letting him crumble into a heap at my feet. I looked inside the car to see nothing, though I could've swore someone else was with him. However, ignoring my doubts I frisked his person for any identification and found none. Sighing I tossed my natural red hair over my right shoulder and folded my crossbow into its smaller form before slinging it on my back. Then, lifting the guy I dragged him to my  jeep and put him in the back. I then got in, and hit the gas, driving south towards L.A. And Vegas. I drives for maybe an hour, hour and a half before he began to wake up and I slammed on the brakes, turning the wheel violently and making a donut to cause him to slam against the wall of the car. Web I thought I had knocked him out again I returned to my normal route when I heard a stiletto click of a pistol and I felt the barrel in my side.

"listen dame, pull over and no funny business" The guy said and I did as he said, but slipped my hand farther from him into my pocket to get my smoke grenade. Then carefully I placed the grenade in my lap and returned my hand to the wheel as I parked the car on the side of that highway in the middle of California. 

"good. Now open the door and step out" he told me and I did as I was told, stepping  out of the car but at the last second I plucked the pin of the grenade and slammed the door, leaving him inside the car with the grenade as it began to smoke and blacken out the details of the car interior. I stood ready in front of the car, raising my hands in a defensive position in case he tried to attack. Suddenly I heard glass shatter and watched in awe as he climbed out, looking unharmed with the gun pointed square at my chest. "nighty night" he said and fired. My instincts took over and I ducked, the bullet missing me by about an inch. I ran at him, and managed to send a quick jab to his wrist, knocking the gun down as he returned my move with an uppercut to my stomach. It hurt like crazy as I stumbled back, but then tried a chop at his neck but he blocked and did a roundhouse kick, straight to my thigh as I fell to one knee. But by now I had analyzed his style mentally, it was all streetfighting. Smiling I ducked his next punch and put a sharp kick to his lungs before swinging a hard side punch at his shoulder, which made him off balanced and I easily knocked him back. Once I had knocked him down I picked up the gun and examined it, it wasn't new, or well commonly seen. I turn to look at him when I felt a blade at my neck. He had gotten me again.

"who are you?" I demanded as I made no other movements.

"Samuel rocco"

Scarlett gasped "oh no..."



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The son of insanity
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