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 Lee Lang (Done)

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Leonard Zeusowitz

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PostSubject: Lee Lang (Done)   Sat Oct 20, 2012 12:24 am

Name: Lee Lang
Myth: Greek
Age#: 13
Birthday: 12/31/98
Gender: Male
Eyes: Black
Hair: Black
Skin Tone: Tan
Body Type: Muscular
Accent: American

God|Titan|Primordial Parent#: Thanatos
God of?*:
Mortal Parent#: Sara Godfrey
Godly parents*:
Siblings: Two mortal brothers
Children: None
Husband/wife: None
Place or origin: Detroit, Michigan
Education/occupation: Home schooled
Ethnic background#: Mexican

Personality: Kind of a get out of my way attitude. Hates everyone, will smack the life out of you for looking him in the eye. He smashes anything in his way with his bare forehead. Went to jail and 20 times and broke out everytime. He is sane, but acts like he's not.He is upset that his father abandoned him, and takes it out on the world.

Hobbies; Collects bones.
Picture or 10 sentence physical description: Always scowling. Has black eyes and black hair. He is very muscular. He is so muscular he has muscles on his muscles. He stands at 6'11". Lee has several scars. He has a scar running down his throat, he has a scar on his stomach, he has a long scar on left eye, and a scar running down his left arm from elbow to wrist. He trimmed his finger nails to look like claws. He slao has a small scar on his right eye giving heighted hearing. He has an obvious craving for killing something or anything. He also has a big brown mole on his lip.
Second picture(optional for demigods, required for gods):
Talents: Agility, and Dexterity

Flaws(three for demigod, two for made up god): Anger, trusts no one, and goes crazy whenever you mention his scars.
Powers(for demigods or made up gods) Can use necromancy for 30 minutes, afterwards he is drained and must flee. Can only summon things that have been dead for a short while ( 1 day or so before). Can also summon more than one undead (max. 5 or two abominations).
Weapon: Celestial bronze scythe
Typical clothing:Black shirt with leather jacket and leather fingerless gloves
History(6 sentence): He has a bad reputation with the local gangs. He at one point joined Bloodshed, a local gang whose name is self explainatory. He eventually turned on them in anger and became a lone wolf, ever since he hasn't wokerd well with anyone unless the price was right. He robed every gang of their loot and killed at least 10 gang members a night in sheer anger.

RP Example(6 sentence): " Hahahahah. You amuse me. And you call yourself a leader you are weak." Said Lee. " Stay away from us!!! You monster y-y-you killed everyone in my gang!!!!" Said the leader of bloodshed. "Ya know for the leader of a gang you're not very good at combat. And your gang is called Bloodshed, your gang should be called the Weaklings" Lee announced. " You are a cheater!!!!!!!! You have some sort of power. Yeah that's it you fight dirty. Exclaimed the leader of Bloodshed. " You will pay for that lie!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Claimed Lee. Lee attacked and killed the leader of bloodshed leaving nothing but a pile of bloo and bones. "Hmph these bones will add nicely to my collection......" Said Lee.
Notes: DO NOT MAKE HIM ANGRY!!!!!!!!!!! If he is angry RUN AWAY!!!!!!!!!!!

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PostSubject: Re: Lee Lang (Done)   Mon Oct 22, 2012 7:33 pm

Please describe him more.....descriptive.

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PostSubject: Re: Lee Lang (Done)   Wed Oct 24, 2012 4:07 pm

Okay, being 7 foot at 13 isn't very possible.....

Reserved slot for a rare character with a gift from their titan/god parent
7 slots
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PostSubject: Re: Lee Lang (Done)   

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Lee Lang (Done)
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