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 Embodimental Handbook

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PostSubject: Embodimental Handbook   Thu Oct 25, 2012 9:32 am

Written by the 1st, 2nd life embodiments.

Written by Jaques Enam, first embodiment of air
The embodiments is a group of chosen demigods who possess the forces of nature. Those forces are; Fire, Water, Earth, Ice, Darkness, Space, Time, Lightning, Light, Air, and certainly not least psychic. The actual formation and founding of this group came from the highest level of immortal deities from all mythologys. It was created in the fear that one day a number of the immortals would attempt to destroy the human race, and all the other immortals in order to obtain total domination. The embodiments are gifted with enough power to rival a Titan when in full embodimental mode, which is only reached through extreme emotions. Among the deities that created the embodiments are....

Thoth, Athena/Minerva, Rhea, Uranus, Gaea, Izanomi, Ah Puch, and several other major deities that will be mentions along the process of this guide.

The life cycle of an embodiment
Written by Amanda DeRonos, second embodiment of time

The first embodiments were born from most powerful Immortals to walk the face of the earth. They lived normal lifes, their occupations along the lines of law enforcement, civil service, and protecters of life. However when an embodiment dies they are not sent to the weighing of the heart, the judgment trials, or whatever the path of death is in there belief system. They are sent to the path of amnesia (I.E. the river lethe, sacrifice of memory) where there memory is wiped and they are reborn into another embodiment demigod and the cycle is continued. It is shown that an embodiment can live up to 100 years old in a lifetime, but many sacrifice themselves to save others. In the rare occasion however, is that the child of an embodiment can gain embodimental powers ONLY if the parent died on the day of birth (most commonly if the parent died in childbirth). 

Common powers of the embodiments
Written by Houliandri Undili, 1st embodiment of space

Telepathy: All embodiments have this power, it is used to subconsciously communicate. This power can also be used to strike fear in the hearts and minds of monsters.

Portal Creation/Teleportation: All embodiments have the power to teleport themselves to a different place, some embodiments have greater range than others. The embodiments with the longest ranges are space and time.

Astral Projection: This power is not shared with all embodiments, but it is shared with most. The embodiments that do have this power are: darkness, light, psychic, space, lightning, and air.

Enhanced Reflexes: All embodimental demigods have peak reflexes, in all areas available.

Senses Connection: Certain embodiments can link there minds with other embodiments, so that they fell what the other feels and vice versa.

The Mysterious Weapons
By Allisshia Shad, 2nd embodiment of Darkness

The original embodiments had weapons, forged and gifted by the gods to help uphold peace on earth. However, after the first embodiments passed the weapons were lost. But this is a list of what the weapons are.

Claymore of Fire: This powerful two handed broadsword was created by many fire gods, but most notable is Vulcan. It's powers are vast, controlling anything to do with heat. However the embodiment should be warned that this blade can corrupt the user, part of the problem of the 1st embodiment war.

Machete of Water: This small and agile blade was crafted by several gods, in different continents. In Mexico the goddess Jade Skirt created the hilt. In Greece the god Posidean crafted the blade. And finally, in Scotland, Ceridwen blessed the blade in holy water. This blade often enhances the users speed, agility, thought process and offers negotiation skills, or safe ideas in the heat of battle.

Scythe of Earth: The strongest embodimental weapon there is, created directly from the earths core, with the guidance of Gaea, Izanomi, and Geb. This weapon is indestructible, even against a god. It's powers are at it's greatest while it's on the ground, but can be used anywhere. The blade increases its users strength, physical and mental.

Staff of Air: Though it appears as a simple staff, it is not. It was handcrafted by several sky and air gods, including Aether, Uranus, and nut. The staff inhabited the users calmness, but also increases the users accuracy. This weapon works best when not touching the ground.

Hammer of Electricity: This hammer was hand crafted by Thor on Asgard, with Zues and Jupiter helping. The hammer appears like thors, only one end is pointed, one is flat, and there is a lightning bolt carved into the side. This weapon does encourage the user to be reckless, which was another problem during the embodimental war. 

Double Bladed Ninjato of Darkness: The double bladed ninjato is perhaps one of the most interesting weapons that an embodiment can hold. It looks like a regular ninjato, but at the base of the hilt there is another blade, making it a deadly weapon. This weapon may corrupt the user, or drive the user insane. It is very hard to aim. On the bright side it will improve the users stealth. This blade was created by plenty of gods like ah Puch, Selene, Pluto, Hades, Khonsu, and many other dark gods and goddesses.

Bow and Arrows of Light: This set of bow and arrows were created right out of the heart of the sun by many gods such as Apollo, Ra, and others. This bow never misses, while the arrows can be tuned to create an atomic grade explosion, down to an explosion that can fill cancerous cells in a body. A neat thing this bow can do is create such a bright light it can heal blindness or cause it.

Whip of Psychic: This whip, was created by Azula, Melinoe, Lethe, Styx, Iris and other immortals of that caliber. The whips actual whip part can change length according to the users thoughts. But the user who uses this has a high risk of insanity and other mental illnesses. However, in the right hands it is a deadly weapon that can twist the enemies mind so cleverly it's unbelievable. 

Boomerang of Space: The boomerang of space. A magnificent weapon that can actually bend space, and with the help of the embodiment of time they can actually change the surface of the earth, such as what happened to Pangea. The boomerang was created by the higher immortals, and some of the first that came into existence. The boomerang never missed and always returns to the users hand. It is highly radioactive.

Sickle of Time: The sickle of time, created by Kronos, and several other immortals that represented time. With a swish of its crescent blade it can start, stop, fast forward, or even rewind time of the user wishes it to. If the sickle is used with space it can bend dimensions to create wormholes to different realms. However, untrained embodiments can freeze them self in time for ages.

Shrukin of Ice: The shrukin of ice is an interesting weapon, created from immortal ice (the art of freezing immortal blood). It is chilling to the touch, and will freeze anyone who is not an embodiment that comes in contact with it. However, an untrained user can freeze him/her self in the ice. This weapon can even enhance the chill down a persons spine. It was created by numerous frost gods and giants.

Smaller, now gone embodiments
Written by SiJon Yiola, only embodiment of wisdom to ever exist

When the embodiments were first created there were more than the current number of 11. Many of the extra embodiments were combined into the modern ones like the embodiment of insanity was converted into the embodiment of psychic. There is a list below of all of the extra, now gone embodiments.

Magma-converted to fire
Snow-converted to ice
Wisdom-converted to time
Radiation-converted to space
Leadership-converted to air and earth
Insanity-converted to psychic
Fresh water-converted to water
Plasma-converted to electricity
Evil-converted to darkness
Good-converted into all embodiments.
Tranquility-converted to air
Rock-converted to earth

Those are most of them. They will never reawaken due to an path on the river styx.

Embodimental Temple
By Jean Lapolas, 1st embodiment of earth

The embodimental temple, the main headquarters and base for the embodiments. Constructed by all of the first embodiments, each putting in a section for there embodiment. Therefore the current temple is divided into 1 parts, 11 for the different embodiments and one for meetings and such. Also, in the middle of this magnificent building is a temple to the immortals. The temple rests in a secret location, so secret I can not mention it in this book. However, it sits on a piece of land that's about 5 square miles, protected by all the embodiments and there immortal parents. Though it has not been used for this purpose, in the event of an apocalyptic war between immortals, the temple can be used as a refuge point for demigods, monsters, and animals. As well as minority deities.

Enemies of the embodiments
Written by dey lee laRos, 2nd embodiment of electricity

Azula: This goddess of insanity has plagued the embodiments since they were created. However, in current years she has gotten worse in her insanity. All embodiments are ordered to bring her in.

Selena: this tempting witch of the Aztecs is cunning and hard to catch. She isn't a major criminal, but she is required to question her at every chance

Any and all magic immortals are usually against the embodiments, they should be questioned or watched if found

Aphosis: this giant serpent is an enemy to all. If found, TAKE IT DOWN

Set: almost as bad as Azula, he should be brought in any chance

Terian: this wrathful nature god us quite reckless and needs to be detained as soon as possible

Others change through the lives

Prophecies of Time
Written by Duli Kana first embodiment of time

The Forces
22 demigods are united,
When two demigods are ignited.
The sign is simple, they lead and cripple.
Over and over again

The Next Generation
A new group of twelve is born.
When 11 spirits are adjourned.
The other eleven, who were supposed to go to heaven,
Failed and lived again.

From Past to Present
The current generation is born. 
But there is 12.
Darkness is split into two.
One or the other, will be painfully injured physically.
The other, shall be mentally injured.
The others have to help, but will they conquer the guilty?

NOTE: hey this is Kenzie here saying this is all we can release at the moment, more will come soon



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Embodimental Handbook
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