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 Skrillex as a charrie

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Steve Strider
Steve Strider

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PostSubject: Skrillex as a charrie   Tue Nov 27, 2012 9:04 am

Name: Doc Scratch
Myth: Made-Up
Age#: He looks around..24
Birthday: January 15
Gender: Male
Eyes: His eyes are sockets if he ever removes his glasses, revealing sockets of pure electronic music.
Hair: In the pic.
Skin Tone: Peach, rather pale.
Body Type: Slightly skinny, but kinda athletic.
Accent: British

God|Titan|Primordial Parent#:
God of?*: Electronic music, dubstep, computers, records, CDs, and speakers. Also speech, rap, and autotune.
Mortal Parent#:
Godly parents*: Ares and Euterpe(A Muse.)
Children: None yet.
Husband/wife: None yet.
Place or origin: He was born in New York, but raised in Britain.
Education/occupation: Music artist.
Ethnic background#:

Animal*: An animal called Dubkip, which is a dubstep mudkip. Razz
Symbol*: http://dopelikedat.files.wordpress.com/2011/01/0.jpg
Personality: He's a calm, slightly stoic dude. He prefers not to be caught in conflicts or fight, but will if he has to. All in all, he's a pretty nice guy, willingly helping his children and mortals without encouragement.
Hobbies; Making music, helping people, being friendly.
Picture or 10 sentence physical description: Look up.
Second picture(optional for demigods, required for gods): http://t0.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcSl3XZ2orN12qR4wvJ95wxXzO1kDEA2j6vh6uw3f1GipA8e4NxZRhVzrUlP
Talents: Same as his hobbies really. XD

Flaws(three for demigod, two for made up god): He's rather quiet, and is a bit too nice.
Weapon: He doesn't really fight, so no weapon.
Typical clothing: A Monstercat tee-shirt and jeans.
History(6 sentence): Scratch grew up with his mother and her sisters, being brought up musically. He learned how to play music on every instrument, backwards, forwards, upside down, even with his feet to the point where there was nothing left to learn. Of course, being bored, one day Scratch was making a bunch of random noises musically. He liked the sound, and looked it up to see if there were any songs like that. That's what lead to his discovery of dubstep and making electronic music.
RP Example(6 sentence): Scratch sat in his room, 16, with a notepad and pencil. He was trying to write a song, but honestly, he was bored as all hell. "Gods.." He flopped onto his back, laying down on his bed. Randomly, he started to make some screeching and wubbing noises. "Hm...." He continued, eventually getting his beat right. "I like that..." He ran to his computer and booted it up, looking up those noises. "Du-bste-p..?" Scratch pronounced it.
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Skrillex as a charrie
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