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 Horror stories

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PostSubject: Horror stories   Sun Feb 24, 2013 6:25 pm

My name is Pluto, and I know the nameless terrors in men and women in which they do not speak.....and tonight, on this night of darkness I will tell you a story.....a story of jealousy......and murder. Our scene opens at an abandoned mansion, right outside of the united states, in a forest a mile from the Mexican border on Mexican ground.

There are three people in this mansion, the abandoned dark mansion, once used as a morgue. Yes, three females....all related in one way or another. They are talking, talking about random things....but that isn't the strange part. The strange part is one is thinking something different from the conversation.....thinking of murder. The clock now strikes midnight in the empty mansion, as the three girls retreat to there separate rooms. You see one of them....a tall girl with long black hair down her back and a sub machine gun in her hands. You see in her eyes the look of hatred, hatred towards one of the other girls.....the one she plans to murder. The time is now one o'clock as the full moon shines high above the mansion. The girl, looking as if she is 17 walks down the long, dark corridor and opens the doors, one by one as she checks for the one she hates. Finally she finds a door that was locked and she grinned.....

The door opened, letting in a cool draft as the girls eyes shown with piercing red light. She walked closer to the figure asleep under the blanket and stuck the barrel of the gun to where the neck was. She pulled the trigger and the loud shot echoed around the mansion. She ran then, ran back to her room and pretended to be asleep. She waited, then she heard the other girl walk into the room of murder and gasp. But something felt wrong in the murderer heart...something was wrong. She stood and walked to the room of murder. She then saw it. She had murdered the wrong person.

Yes Selena, you murdered the wrong girl... You murdered Azula, not the mortal sister of yours. Now you know your times running out, it won't be long until she discovers your secret and deals your punishment. Thinking fast Selena, you do the only thing you can do....you pick up the steel letter opener and jab it, jab it in between the 15 year old shoulder blades. She fell, yes she fell but in your haste it wasn't a fatal wound. But you weren't thinking, we're you? No, you jabbed her and ran, ran into the dark foggy night, through the forest that was full of quicksand.

Selena ran, tripping over roots blindly as she searched for a way out.... She had to escape now, but she lost sense of direction. So she ran, yes she ran, but it just brought her back to the mansion. Selena sees a girl in the window, the girl she thought the letter opener had taken care of. Selena was now scared and ran, but tripped into a a sandy pit. Quicksand she quickly realized and tried I escape....but it only took her deeper into the sand. She shut her eyes and wished she had someone to help her....

you did have someone to help you...but your jealousy made you Kill them, didn't it? Now your completely alone in the woods....the swamp pulling you under...

A ghost appeared by Selena, the laughing ghost of her sister, the older one she had murdered on accident.

"you should've been more careful Selena" the leering face of Azula roared as Selena sunk into the quicksand, the grains of the sand finally covering her head and began to suffocate her. Finally, Selena gave in as she finally suffocated. Azula smiled as she removed the white make up from her face and laughed

"foolish sister, she missed me completely" she said as she mockingly threw a black rose into the quicksand. She then turned, a butcher knife clutche in her right fist as she marched towards the mansion, the only thing on her mind was murder.

Yes Azula, you killed Selena but you still have makenzie to get rid of, the only thing keeping you away from the treasure of the golden cities. Yes Azula, it seems so simple, but how to do it? You have to make it look like an accident, right? Heheheheheh

Makenzie was sitting in her room, looking out her window into the dark night as she held her knees against her chest. She didn't notice that in the flash of lightning that signaled the beginning of a storm also revealed a crazed Azula, the knife in her hand as she scratched her fingernails against the door, carving five marks into the white wood. Makenzie turned at the sound then backed up against the window as Azula stepped closer, foot by foot, inch by inch as makenzie had her back turned. Azula then stabbed, stabbed into the girls heart from behind, leaving the knife in and watching the blood pour out as it splatters on Azulas cloths.

Kenzie fell, her crimson blood coating the oak floor. Azula laughed, and slung the new corpse over her shoulder, not caring about the blood she was getting covered in. She then walked back to the quicksand and tossed Kenzie's body in. "bye bye idiot" she said gleefully as she walked back to the mansion, coated in blood as fell asleep in Mackenzie bed, smiling evilly.

So Azula, you managed to kill your sisters, but you neglected to notice that makenzie was on the phone with the police. No Azula, you were to busy caught up in your maniacal plan to care that as you sleep the police are coming to arrest you. The police easily catch you, yes they do and they drag you to court. You are now standing before the judge, dike.

"Azula, you have been charged with murder. And you have made no claim but the evidence is well against you. You are hereby sentenced to life in prison" dike said and Azula was picked up to be taken to her cell. And as she passed her mom came up and said.

"the golden cities were yours, but now you have lost them"

Yes Azula, all this murder for nothing. You lost your inheritance, and you have been disgraced.... If only you hadn't been so selfish. And if only you knew that. Crime does not pay!



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Horror stories
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