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 Aurora( You aught to know her!)

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PostSubject: Aurora( You aught to know her!)   Sat Mar 02, 2013 9:01 pm

Name: Aurora Guerrero del monstruo( Warrior the freak it says. That was their last name but now it's just Guerrero)
Age: 15
Gender: female
Mortal Parent: Kendall Guerrero del monstruo
Godly Parent: ACHTHONIAN
Descendant: Omphale

Species (I.E. Mortal, demigod, nature spirit, monster): Demigod
Place of origin: USA
Physical Description: above
Personality: She's a little rude but smart. She keeps to herself and acts as if she's a warrior. If you crack her shell you'll notice she's sweet.
Weapon: A bow and arrow and a dagger that carries black flames
Flaws: She keeps to herself and fears dying.
Powers: She can summon three spartan warriors a day only one at a time though. She can destroy anything that comes out the underworld( skeletons and dead things mostly) and send it back. She can create a man made out of rock that's seven feet tall. She can control earth as an element. Natural resources too. She can help relief mental pain and attract people.All limited to five times a day.
Pet: Oien is a offspring of Cupid. He ran into Aurora, he is a tall Pegasus, a dark blue with orange spots.
History: First of all, Aurora is a descant of Omphale (Heracles mistress). No matter where her family went the gods knew where they were. Even though they were ancestors of Omphale they originated from Spanish Origins. Her family is a little embarrassing to be around. Because they're freaks. Her great grandmother had two slaves( used for a certain purpose) and she's married. The woman of the family always have both, and it never effects their life since they attract people in that way. Her dad is a demigod too. He was a criminal though. He always started something with pain, which got him into his first fight with a god. Triton to be exact, he hid kids pain. He won against Triton but that didn't stop the attacks. Kendall hid in a cave for most of his life with the goddess. He actually trapped her there. Since Kendall was a very attractive man, the goddess didn't mind. After a great night the goddess she was pregnant. But Kendall didn't want the baby. He fled off as soon as she was born. ACHTHONIAN wouldn't keep her, but she named the beautiful girl Aurora.

The young girl was actually raised by a nymph that lived in a fine cabin in the mountains of Virginia. The nymph could never bare children herself so adopting Aurora is what she needed. This nymph is daughter of Demeter. The nymph taught Aurora everything she needed to know as she grew up. But once the girl turned 10 the nymph died. It hurt Aurora to see her die but it was her time. Aurora watched death take her peacefully. She was sick.

When Aurora started traveling the world she discovered something. When she became sexually mature she noticed the attraction of men. There was always a man who looked hypnotized by her. It scared her because they would just stare at her as if waiting for an order. In the spring she ran into Demeter and Persephone, when they heard of the nymph dying they felt bad for Aurora. Building her a comfortable fort in the woods. When they built her the fort Persephone told Aurora more. It made her ears bleed to hear her father's life, and how most gods pitied him. But the story of Omphale made her queasy. Hearing that the women of their family don't get along with the hunters of Artemis also made her sad. The war between them. Persephone also told her how her father is still alive, Most of the women are too, joining the Amazon.

RP Example: Aurora watched the dream in disgust. Omphale parading around with Hercules in a dress. Omphale looked at Aurora and smiled." Find yourself a child of Zeus." She winked. The dream changed, Aurora was sitting in a throne. When she spoke it wasn't her... It was Omphale. Aurora woke up screaming.


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Aurora( You aught to know her!)
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