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 Tycheus and Haylia (And their roman counterpart)

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PostSubject: Tycheus and Haylia (And their roman counterpart)   Tue Mar 19, 2013 3:28 pm

(Snuck on!!!)

Haylia, daughter of Zeus and Iris. She was so beautiful, Aphrodite made Ares send wild dogs after her. Haylia tamed the wild dogs making them her own. They’re her symbol actually.
Aphrodite wasn’t the only goddess jealous of Haylia. Artemis too because Haylia beat her in an archery contest and when Artemis tried to attack her, Haylia defeated her with a thick sword she was given by Hephaestus.
Hephaestus and Poseidon both loved the young girl but Iris didn’t want Haylia to marry. So she sent her sisters (The harpies) to protect Haylia. Luckily for her Poseidon and Hephaestus got married. But that didn’t stop Hermes, someone Iris didn’t like too much. Haylia’s dogs and their pups scared Hermes off.
Haylia took on many jobs for her father. She watched his bolt that she used only once to defend herself against Aphrodite. This is where Haylia got the title ‘Lady of Thunder’.
But Haylia loved being around the mortals. Especially in Athens. Athena had great respect for the goddess and so did her people. Haylia actually met a young boy and had her first child there, Beios. Beios grew to be sixteen and died. A curse Haylia’s kids will have if she decided to produce more kids with mortals.
Haylia’s second child was with Eros, to create peace with Aphrodite. Her name was Deione, a nymph. Deione was turned into a peacock by Hera because she stole one of her peacocks as an infant.
Haylia was always seen standing on the right side of her father or by Apollo.
Haylia and Heracles

Haylia met Heracles when he was just an infant. She loved him then and she still does. When he got older she accompanied him on a lot of his journeys. Sadly he left her for his first wife. That angered Haylia who ran home wailing to her mother. Iris, on accident, sent Hera a bad message about Heracles causing her to kill his family. Haylia and Heracles don’t talk anymore.

Haylia and Dionysius

Haylia formed a close bond with the god and they became great friends. But Aphrodite made him fall in love with a different girl.

She is goddess of: Thunder, Hunting, Beauty and Sorrow


Haylia’s Roman Counterpart. It is said that she is goddess of Peace and War, Beauty, Emotions and Warrior of the Sea, Underworld and Olympus. Since she has three different personalities that Support the three kingdoms. She remains daughter of Jupiter and Iris.
She is a maiden goddess yet she still has kids. From the tip of her silver staff she creates her demigod children. She has a child every season to support the Underworld, Olympus or Sea. Haylia was loved by many gods. Since she creates most of her children by the tip of her staff, she accidently touched Mercury and created a dozen harpy and Faun children. Another time is when she visited the Underworld and her staff touched the god of death, creating a merman (Sounds odd but she’s part of every kingdom).
An interesting fact about this goddess is that her strongest demigod child is born with a replica of her staff and leads the rest of her children, deciding if they may or may not help the gods during the war.
Bella was one of Dyalia’s strongest children, told the children of Dyalia not to help Mars in any occasions of war for 500 years because he insulted their mother. Dyalia’s children are strong as one and are able to take down a god which is why they stay connected.
Dyalia was always seen by Minerva’s side, they stuck together.
Dyalia and Bellona bump heads often when they have to work together. Since Dyalia always showed a different (And sometimes smarter) way of war it was hard for the two to work together. Bellona and Dyalia competed multiple times, both ending up being a tie because they were equals in war.
After Patching up a difficult inccodent with Venus they worked together to do a lot. When escaping to Rome, Dyalia helped Venus’ son Aeneas. Dyalia was a very helpful goddess, balancing out War and Peace. She restored maiden’s emotions and helped direct Pluto’s army, along with Neptune’s.

Dyalia & Vulcan

Dyalia helped Venus avoid most of Vulcan’s traps when she wanted to visit Mars. She would make peace with most of his traps actually. When Vulcan caught on, he made a trap for her too, Dyalia helped Venus avoid another trap and got herself into one. Vulcan took her staff hostage. When he tried to figure it out, the tip touched him, creating a huge Metal arm he named Brachium (Arm in Latin). Brachium was always at Dyalia’s side, in every war.

Dyalia & Mars

Mars insulted Dyalia, which caused a war between His children and Hers ( Some gods too: Bellona and Vulcan). During this outrageous war, Mars kidnapped Dyalia’s youngest son who was a prince. Dyalia stopped the war for him but Cursed the children of Mars, she said every time they met one of her children they would unleash their wrath and be at their most powerful.
Some of Mars kids died because of this curse, but Mars made sure he separated his kids from Dyalia.

Symbol: Underworld Fire burning with a thin layer of sea around it, the fire sites on the tale of a eagle.

Animals: Hellhounds, Hippocamp, Female dogs

Titles: ‘Element Women’, ‘Lady of balance’


He was born to Tyche and Hephesteus. His name comes from his mother and father as a combination. As a result he is god of black fire, Weapons and Fortune.
He was raised by Tyche but also by Hera who wanted a second chance at being a mother. He fell in love with Hera and when he tried to seduce her, Zeus struck him with lightning, paralyzing most of his body. Instead of being in a wheel chair like his father, Tycheus made himself mechanical legs.
He was once in love with the goddess Athena who turned him down gently. After her it was Helen who also turned him down. Tycheus had a lot of trouble with women and couldn’t really produce Demigods. Which is why he created armor that made his looks appealing to women. Like the graces. He had five daughters who were nymphs with them. The hunters of Artemis had a hard time controlling themselves around him.
Tycheus was in love with the goddess Demeter, the only women who excepted him for who he is. They had multiple children together, dozens of Nymphs and Satyrs. Their most beloved child was a nymph named Iiela who was goddess of the dandelion. Sadly, Demeter never wanted to marry Tycheus which also makes him ‘god of bachelors’.

Tycheus & Gaea

Tycheus and Gaea created mountains together and sharks.

Tycheus & Aurora

Aurora was a beautiful mortal woman that lived in Athens. She was obsessed with Tycheus (Shocker) and got his attention once. Tycheus didn’t think she was the most attractive woman but together they had six very beautiful and handsome children. Some being lovers of Apollo and causing a war, conflicting the death of them.
Tycheus and Apollo became strong enemies because of it.

Tycheus & the Huntress of Artemis

One of Artemis’ most talented archers was enchanted by the armor of Tycheus. Secretly the two met in places Artemis never dared to go. The huntress was impregnated by Tycheus and when Artemis found out, she turned the huntress into a mountain lion, so instead of demigods she had cubs.

Symbol:Mountain Lion


Tycheus’ roman counterpart. Magnas is the son of Vulcan and Fortuna. He took his dad’s greek form. Yet most seem him as a huge angry gorilla with blazing fire hair. He is one of the ugliest men, yet his children came out beautiful. He was the laughing stock of Rome. Making him the god of Anger and hatred, he was still god of black fire and weapons, making him a very powerful god. His weapons were always the best. Remus insulted the god and got the weakest weapons from him.
Magnas never really had human affairs since no one wanted to be with the ugly god. Venus tricked him once, she told him that one of the prettiest nymphs wanted to be with him but once he approached the nymph he scared her to death. Literally. She died and was used to created his huge hammer.
Magnas’ most famous story is when Bacchus requested for him to drive a king mad.

Magnas & Medusa

One of the only women that excepted Magnas was Medusa, since he could never turn into stone. Magnas wanted to marry Medusa (Who he thought was very beautiful, even as a monster). Even though she was a monster she could produce demigods. Magnas took advantage of this and had a three kids with the goddess. They were all beautiful girls yet they all looked into their mother’s eyes and turned to stone. When he tried again, he had a son, he took his son away from Medusa and gave him to a old women who was a legacy of his father. She raised the boy who turned into a handsome man, he used his looks to seduce a lot of women and in war he used it against his enemies.
Magnas & Hecian

Hecian was a rather large and unusual daughter of Trivia. Hecian’s biggest dream was to have a child by a god, she’d come up with multiple spells to use on the gods but they never seem to work ( She was also Trivia’s weakest daughter). Finally she caught the attention of Magnas and he took advantage of another woman that like him and had a army of kids.
Magnas had kids with women by force sometimes.


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 Ariel Santiago/15/ Kardia
  Jennica Swoyi/ 15/  Azula
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Isriella/ Daughter of Roman Apollo and Annadite/Goddess of Dance, musical voice, intimacy and romance
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Katelyn and Trinady/  Odin/ 15
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Karen Gates/16/ Aphrodite.
  Kardia Fotias/ Daughter of Hestia/ Goddess of heart, grace and Joy
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Tycheus and Haylia (And their roman counterpart)
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