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 Alauria and her two best kids.

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PostSubject: Alauria and her two best kids.   Thu Mar 21, 2013 9:02 pm

Alauria was born around the same time her brother Eros was born. Aphrodite loved her daughter, Alauria was very important to Aphrodite. Ares didn’t care for his daughter too much yet, he still loved her. Alauria was always accompanying her mother or brother, Eros. As she grew she developed her beautiful looks and more. Alauria has lots of stories that revolve around her rivalry with the goddess Hecate. Alauria has a lot of affairs with mortals and gods. Mostly the god Hades and Orion before he dumped her. Alauria is goddess of Beauty, Manner and nature magic. When she appears to mortal she is youthful, she looks to be nineteen, her hair is long and brown and she wears a silk white dress, since she only appears when her mother or brother appears, she is seen holding Aphrodite’s belt or She bares long beautiful white wings like her brother Eros. Her symbol is a tiara which stands for her ‘rule of manners’ or a crow and a dove as one. She doesn’t have a sacred animal.

An hour after Aphrodite’s beloved son, Eros, was born Aphrodite thought she was done producing her lover, Ares children. Sadly she gave birth again to a beautiful little girl. They say when she was born, a magical aura happened with Aphrodite’s Doves chirping happily and Ares’ dogs barking. Ares watched over the young girl closely. Since she was a very young goddess Ares asked for the help of multiple gods to help protect her. Artemis would send her huntress to help her bathe; Athena was nice enough to make the young girl a golden tiara made of thick golden vines. One day when Alauria was out by herself in the woods, Hephaestus started a fire to trap her like he does her mother and father. But Alauria’s soothing voice calling for help made the god change his mind; Alauria had great manners and a kind heart. Anyone could see that.
Except for Hecate. Alauria has been practicing healthy nature magic or ‘Organic Magic’ that involves earth elements and Natural resources. Alauria and Hecate had many wars because of it.
Most of their battles happened in the Underworld (where Alauria grew weak), luckily for her Hades loved her dearly and helped her defeat Hecate most of the time. Alauria too loved Hades. Hades and Alauria met as birds. Alauria would turn into a Dove and Hades would be a crow. When the mortals saw the two they would say Love and Death meet in the end. Alauria and Hades had a mortal son they named Boliese. Boliese died happily with his wife and three daughters, Hades gave them immortality in the Underworld.
Another lover of hers was Orion, when he dumped her for Eos, it made her upset. She told her mother who told Apollo who told Artemis who shot him and put him in the sky with scorpions.
Alauria didn’t have a temple or anything tribute to her except for three priestess that she made immortal. Alauria has multiple kids, more kids than the ones on Olympus. Sadly none of the mortals really know her unless she appeared with Eros or her mother.

Story of Alauria and her siblings
Alauria gets along with most of her siblings except Deimos and Phobos. She once accompanied her father in war. She honestly hated the way her father and brothers fought; she was always graceful when she fought. During the war, Alauria was criticizing her brothers fighting, she called them cowards. After the war Deimos and Phobos ambushed their sister. Alauria used her nature magic to send a big ox after them.

Second Titan War

During the second war, Alauria fought against Olympus. She was promised by Kronos that she’d become his queen. Before the war happened Alauria hid most of her kids, she asked her strongest Priestess to gather her children and take them away; her children were moved to Alaska out of the gods reached. It angered the god Kronos because they needed more fighters, so to replace her kids, she gathered a bunch of mortals under a spell made by her and Hecate (The only time they agreed with each other). Alauria had to fight her father Ares which was a hard task since she still respected and loved her family. As Kronos’ queen (Supposedly) she fought Hera too. Alauria never like Hera so it was easy.
When Kronos died and the war was over Alauria was supposed to be in on her way to Tartarus. But her mother, Aphrodite, stood up for her. Alauria explained how she felt like she was nothing and sadly, she wished to be mortal. Alauria explained nobody knew her and how she was fading if it wasn’t for her children and the mortals who were put into battle. To many promises for minor gods cabin was made so instead, Alauria got an island made for her and her children where they could live for eternity. Temples in her name and she got to be with all her children. Some of Alauria’s kids were invited to Camp Half Blood but not all of them since she had twenty to thirty kids. Her island wouldn’t be visible to monsters or demigods unless she wanted them too.

Her roman form is Camille. Camille rarely has children since she doesn’t like the roman rules. Like Alauria, she is goddess of beauty, manners and natural magic. Her parents are still Venus and Mars, but she is mostly seen by her father’s temple. She is more underneath her father, Mars and loves her father dearly. But as a goddess she simply does nothing but give her father extra help in battle from his temple. Most of his demigod children usually gave a tribute to her so they could have her blessing of magic in war too. During the second war she was at her father’s side doing magic.

One of Alauria’s famous Children: Princess Kate


Alauria’s glory children

Since Gaea is rising, Olympus needed a lot of reinforcements. This time Alauria is on the sides of the gods (Even though, like her mother she wouldn’t be affected) but she wanted the gods to know she wasn’t a threat anymore. She sent her teenage children, Hamel and Semele (Semele was Alauria’s best friend once she became immortal. This Semele is a tribute to her and one of Alauria’s priestess). They’re both sixteen and her higher rank children. Hamel and Semele are twins. Their father is a Prince with great manners, one of Alauria’s favorite thing in a man. They met during a ball room dance, one of Alauria’s favorite activities. Once the twins were born they were raised like royalty, they took many adventures to other palaces and met a lot of their brothers and sisters without even knowing. Their father made sure they did activities like horse riding and sword fighting, archery too. Their father would tell stories of their mother, but since she was never mentioned in Greek mythology he only had stories she would tell him. Semele was inspired by her mother’s act of kindness and gratitude. Hamel loved hearing the stories that involved Ares, he was fond of war to but he also like to fight in a civilized way, like his mother. Their mother would visit them once a year and they loved every second of it. But sadly for five years she stopped seeing them. The island their grandfather ruled had a strong smell of tropical fruit, so it hid them well. Their dad would build chariots for them and horses so they can practice their Greek style.
Hamel is six feet tall with shaggy brown hair that’s always under a helmet or straw hat; he’s two hundred and fifty pounds of muscle. His eyes are hazel, his skin is pale, and he looks nothing like a Spanish prince. Semele is five feet tall and nine inches and ninety-nine pounds. Her hair is long and curly, she has golden-brown hair and tan skin. Her eyes are gold, she wears a silk dress. Hamel is a gentleman, even in war; he would fight you in a civilized manner. He’s gentle and nice, he’s also polite, and he’s smart like his father. His fatal flaw is he’s too loyal and has a glass eye (He wanted to produce fire and had to exchange his eye for it). Semele is sweet and innocent, she is like her mother. Her manners are well and she’s a lady. Demigods sometimes had mistaken her for a hunter of Artemis because of her hunting skills and her neutral feeling towards boy. She fears dying and is cursed to never love again (a story that will be explained).
Hamel can do nature magic which isn’t strong, he can only summon wild animals and tame them and grow natural resources. But he asked Nemesis for power over fire and got it in exchange for his eye which is replaced with a glass eye. Semele, as one of Alauria’s four priestess, has minor magic in Beauty (Changing her hair and eyes and clothes but she can also curse people with large unattractive ears, etc.), She can stop arguments and make everyone use words like ‘Please’ and ‘Thank You’. But she is strong in Nature magic; she can grow natural resource and use them for healthy and good spells. She can summon nature giants too.
Hamel and Semele have a Hellhound and Giant Eagle that appears when they want them too. Both are female and gifts.


Not many gods liked the fact that Alauria got her own island where she could see her children. Someone once stole Aphrodite’s Belt, something Alauria has been in charge of. Semele and Hamel had to retrieve it from a monster that was sent by Lamia. A monster that could produce ice. When they were trapped in an ‘icebox’ freezing to death, the only person that appeared to them was Nemesis who said that if they would die, it would balance out the heroes and demigods. She watched them suffer and Hamel remembered Ethan, a boy they had met. Hamel offered Nemesis his eye in exchange for the power to breathe fire. She took his eye happily and freed them. Semele used a diamond to replace his real eye afterwards. When they found the monster he was also holding Zeus’ eagle. After killing the monster they released the Eagle who laid an egg in exchange for their kindness. They returned home with the egg and Belt. When the egg hatched it was a giant eagle, fully grown with silver wings.

The second quest wasn’t much of a quest but a favor Demeter asked them. She asked them to deliver a message to Persephone that was private. Demeter herself was busy and she didn’t trust Hermes. Getting through the Underworld was a hard task. They had an encounter with a skeleton that wouldn’t die and a goddess who hated their mother. Since they were weak they had to depend on Hamel’s fire to shield them from the witchcraft goddess. It didn’t go well since Semele ended up with a broken arm. When they entered the palace Persephone was a little angry, she took the letter cautiously and asked repeatedly if it was from their mother. Once she read it she smiled at the two and told them they may leave. But they told her how the goddess Hecate was attacking them. All she could do was give them a beautiful rose that would help their magic. Semele created a shield out of a ruby and stopped most of the goddess’ power from hitting them. Hamel summoned hellhounds that he tamed in a second to help. The goddess gave up after a great amount of time of fighting and left. When they exited the underworld a Hellhound was following them the whole time. It looked smaller than the others so they called her Tiny. When they returned to the island the goddess Aphrodite was visiting. During the big feast Alauria had to welcome her mother, Aphrodite asked the children what their opinion was on love. A fatal flaw of Alauria’s kids is they do not lie. Everyone answered truthfully but Semele’s response seems to anger the goddess. Semele said, “Love is worthless if it’s just an affair.” Semele was referring to all the gods and how they left their mortal lover and child. She never meant her mother though because she thought she was the best mom in the world. Aphrodite cursed Semele; every boy she loved or loved her would die painfully or break her heart.


Favorites at the top, least at the bottom

Breanna Lebe/15/ urania  
 Yue/Daughter of Rhea/ Goddess of Ice, personification of the moon(Coming soon)
 Ariel Santiago/15/ Kardia
  Jennica Swoyi/ 15/  Azula
Annadite/Daughter of Helen and Paris/Goddess of relationship, beauty and style
Isriella/ Daughter of Roman Apollo and Annadite/Goddess of Dance, musical voice, intimacy and romance
  Isabella Moore/4/  Annadite
   Taylor Gates/18/ Aphrodite
Katelyn and Trinady/  Odin/ 15
  Mariah/ 16/  Annadite
Karen Gates/16/ Aphrodite.
  Kardia Fotias/ Daughter of Hestia/ Goddess of heart, grace and Joy
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PostSubject: Re: Alauria and her two best kids.   Sun Mar 31, 2013 2:25 pm


Aphrodite,Greek Godess of Beauty and Love
Meridith Malik,age 15 daughter of Nike,Irish accent,Victoria's younger Twin
Victoria Malik,age 15 daughter of Nike,Irish accent,Meridith's older twin
Carrington Guzman,Age 13,Daughter of Hermes
Kayleigh,age 16,Siren
Katy Perry,age 27,Daughter of Apollo
Zelda McKentyre,age 5,Daughter of Apollo
Paris Lindsey,age 13,Daughter of Apollo,Australian Accent,Has Short Term Memory Loss

My amazing charries:ALL CREDIT GOES TO Ailish!!!YOU DID AMAZING!!

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Alauria and her two best kids.
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