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 Perrie and Family! (WIP)

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PostSubject: Perrie and Family! (WIP)   Thu Jun 06, 2013 9:01 pm

Perries name has nothing to do with the one from Little Mix. I just like the name and think her face would fit my character well.

Name:Perrie Edwards
Parents:Hebe and Mark Edwards
Species (I.E. Mortal, demigod, nature spirit, monster):Demigod
Place of origin:Doncaster,England
Physical Description:Perrie Edwards has curly pink hair. It goes from very light pink to a very dark pink. Obviously its dyed. She has striking blue eyes often filled with either laughter, pain, mischief. She has a lovely hourglass figure and is 5'1. She doesnt often wear dressy things in fact, you can barely get her into them at all. She normally sticks with either ripped jeans, patterned jeans, or sweatpants with a tee-shirt or tank top. Her shoes of choice are Nike or Supras. She is the oldest of the Edwards clan of 3 (minusing herself)
Personality:She likes to pull pranks. ALOT and is generally a very hyper girl. But among all the joy, there is trouble. She was never really wanted among her family. Her dad tried to abort her 7 times because she was a girl and put her in a foster home for 7 years but when nobody wanted her they gave her back. Perrie therfore, was very sensitive. Among this was stress. LOTS of stress. She tried to be the perfect child but it never seemed to work. Thus giving her the short and I mean SHORT temper she has today.
Weapon:CB sword
Flaws:Bad temper,very sensitive,bites the inside of her cheek
History:Perrie was always a good kid. Made straight A's,she was respectful, she was quiet, she studied but that was never enough. NOOOO. Her family never accepted her. The only one who did was Ethan. They were the BEST of friends. He was really the only one who kept her sane. 3 days before her 18th birthday she was hit by a drunk driver and was in a coma for 3 weeks.The only one there the WHOLE time was Ethan. She as permanant scars from it. There are also a couple of other things that factor into her troubles but she only reveals that to her closest friends.
RP Example: "PERRIE MARIE EDWARDDDSSSSSSSSSSSSS." Perrie's father drew out the s' in her last name like a snake. It disgusted her. He was a snake. A sneaky, knieving little snake. "Yes father?" Perrie asked him walking up to her room. "WHAT IS THIS?" he demanded. It was a book. On the floor. "Its a book dad." Perrie said dramatically "IM NOT DAD IM FATHER AND PICK IT UP YOUR NOT A PIG...WAIT YES YOU ARE. BECAUSE YOUR FAT!" A tear ran down Perrie's delicate face as she picked up the book. Fat huh? She took out her football(soccer ball) and ran outside. "Ethan come with me." she grabbed him and they played football in the rain. All day. It was good for Perrie to actually be happy for once. As soon as they came back Perrie's father was at the door. He called her fat, disgusting, disgraceful and cursed at her several times. He hit her and told her to go dry off and go straight to bed without supper. Not eating supper was fine for Perrie anyways. Not many knew this but her father had made her so insecure, she had stopped eating.

Name: Ethan Edwards
Parents: Hebe and Mark Edwards
Species (I.E. Mortal, demigod, nature spirit, monster):Demigod
Place of origin: Doncaster, England
Physical Description: Ethan Edwards has a full head of brown curly hair. He also has blue/green eyes. He normally has on any old t-shirt he can find, jeans, and vans. He doesn't care much for his appearance and he is muscular as well.
Personality: Ethan is a very funny guy. He enjoys making people smile.
RP Example:

Aphrodite,Greek Godess of Beauty and Love
Meridith Malik,age 15 daughter of Nike,Irish accent,Victoria's younger Twin
Victoria Malik,age 15 daughter of Nike,Irish accent,Meridith's older twin
Carrington Guzman,Age 13,Daughter of Hermes
Kayleigh,age 16,Siren
Katy Perry,age 27,Daughter of Apollo
Zelda McKentyre,age 5,Daughter of Apollo
Paris Lindsey,age 13,Daughter of Apollo,Australian Accent,Has Short Term Memory Loss

My amazing charries:ALL CREDIT GOES TO Ailish!!!YOU DID AMAZING!!

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Perrie and Family! (WIP)
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