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 Daughter of Eris

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PostSubject: Daughter of Eris   Sat Nov 09, 2013 4:53 pm

Name: Leilah Tioto
Nickname: Luminous Massacre or Massey
Gender: female
Dad°Angel Tioto
Species (I.E. Mortal, demigod, nature spirit, monster): Demigod
Place of origin: Spain
Physical Description:


Personality:  First thing you should known about Massey is that she is very smart. Being born to a man who studied history and varieties of cultures, she's learned a lot just from the bits and pieces her father teaches her and from traveling the world. She knows six different languages. Massey is quiet but around good friends she is crazy and loud. Massey feels the happiest around people she loves. Like an Aphrodite child, she is sometimes caught up in her beauty. But not in an annoying way like Aphrodite children. Massey has really great stealth too which is how she gets away with one thing; murders. Massey can sometimes be a but Ruthless to enemies, a fatal flaw being a child of Eris. Massey has a lust for revenge and trouble, she can't stand not starting it. Because of her quiet personality, she is overlooked... BIG MISTAKE. Massey if fearless which is a major problem.

Weapon: Unseen armor and a black shiny sword.
Flaws: She is fearless, Murderous and sometimes self-absorbed.
Powers: The power to cause discord with a word. The power to charm men or women with the flip of the hair. The power to make people follow her with a touch and to do her bidding. Her golden Apples, which she uses without concern. Limited to four times a day(all),  Golden Apples are six.

History:  After a fight with Athena, Eris needed a little vacation. A place where she can plot and plan her revenge, which is why she turned to Spain a beautiful get away. The same time she checked into her hotel, a famous scientist checked in too. He was very handsome and most importantly, one of Athena's lovers. What better way to get back at the goddess of wisdom than taking one of her many wise men? After a lot of charm and power, Eris took Juan back to her hotel room to have a good time. One thing led to the other and this small fling gave birth to Leilah meaning dark beauty. After Athena briefly explained who Eris was, Juan thought it would be the best name. Athena was upset but thought she could persuade Juan to raise her like an Athena child. Juan taught his daughter different languages, parts of history, and literature. Math was taught to her at an early school in Asia. Juan and even Athena thought things were going fine but Massey finally made her first enemy which triggers her revenge.  After talking to a few friends about about how this person made her mad, the next day the girls was found murdered. Massey didn't known at her young age it was her fault but Juan knew it was and thought she had killed the girl. So he sent his daughter to a mental facility in America. Massey was so confused and upset, growing up in a mental facility made her grow angry! Finally, a woman visited and told Massey she could free her. She agreed and Eros took her from the facility and handed her to a satyr. The Satyr took her to camps half blood. Here she met three lovely Aphrodite girls who got her into beauty and makeup. Those girl for some unknown reason turned on Massey too and before she knew it, monsters were ripping them apart. This gave her the name Luminous Massacre.
RP Example: 3rd POV


Favorites at the top, least at the bottom

Breanna Lebe/15/ urania  
 Yue/Daughter of Rhea/ Goddess of Ice, personification of the moon(Coming soon)
 Ariel Santiago/15/ Kardia
  Jennica Swoyi/ 15/  Azula
Annadite/Daughter of Helen and Paris/Goddess of relationship, beauty and style
Isriella/ Daughter of Roman Apollo and Annadite/Goddess of Dance, musical voice, intimacy and romance
  Isabella Moore/4/  Annadite
   Taylor Gates/18/ Aphrodite
Katelyn and Trinady/  Odin/ 15
  Mariah/ 16/  Annadite
Karen Gates/16/ Aphrodite.
  Kardia Fotias/ Daughter of Hestia/ Goddess of heart, grace and Joy
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Daughter of Eris
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