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 Kardiá fotiás

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PostSubject: Kardiá fotiás   Fri Jul 27, 2012 6:12 pm

Name: Kardiá fotiás(meaning Fire Heart)
God/goddess/Titan/titaness of: Heart, Grace, and Joy
Father (if any):
Mother (if any):Hestia
Siblings (if any):
Children (if any):
Picture of modern form:
Animal: Phoenix
Symbol: a group of maiden women all standing for heart,grace and Joy
Husband/wife: N/A
Powers (if a made up god):none
Ancient picture:
Flaws (2): She's soft spoken and shy
RP example*: Kardia followed her mother like a lost puppy, never leaving her mother's side as they visited Olmypus, her mother tried to get her to leave but she just didn't want too. She smiled at everyone but Aphrodite, because of their history. They ignored eachother. She was barely noticed.

Personal history*: Hestia wanted a child, but she wanted to still be a maiden. So in order to have pne, she created Kardia with fire and love. Making her automatically a goddess. Kardia was one of Hestia's hearths, helping her mother and being second in charge. Kardia was and is a maiden goddess, but she was loved by many men. One being Zeus. Zeus tried to convince Hestia to make Kardia his wife but she wouldn't allow it. He got mad and sent her to away, somewhere Hestia could never find her. Only the Olympian knew where she was. Dionysus was one of the ones who loved Kardia, so he formed a team to save her. Ares and his brother being involved. Making Aphrodite mad because she knew both of the men she loved, also loved Kardia. So Aphrodite snitched and told on them. Zeus was to destroy her until Hera convinced him. Hera helped Hestia create Kardia, having a strong bond with the girl. Aphrodite didn't give up and tried to destroy Kardia.

Notes: She maybe one of Hestia's only daughters
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PostSubject: Re: Kardiá fotiás   Sat Jul 28, 2012 12:47 pm




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Kardiá fotiás
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