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 My rare character slot promised READY FOR APPROVAL

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PostSubject: My rare character slot promised READY FOR APPROVAL   Mon Aug 18, 2014 8:56 am

Name: Mason Valley
Age: 13
Gender: Male
Parents: Hydros and Emily Valley
Species (I.E. Mortal, demigod, nature spirit, monster): DT
Place of origin: USA
Physical Description: Glasses, brown hair (sticking up in the front sometimes), green braces, CHB shirt or Nike/Under Armour shirt, jeans or Nike/Under Armour shorts, N/A shoes, pale skin, about 5'4", skinny (only 91 pounds)
Personality: nice, nervous, sometimes stingy, good guy, outgoing, but usually quiet when not around family/friends, a bit whiny, really smart, geeky
Weapon: A dagger from the Shed: it's CB: called Hydrone
Flaws: A bit whiny, a bit stingy, scared of spiders and heights, doesn't really like beaches, scared of snakes and sharks a bit, scared of death, scared of drowning, claustrophic, germaphobe
1) Controlling water
2) Can turn invisible using water (enough water to cover up his entire body
3) Can breathe underwater
4) Can speak to any animal that has involvement with water in their life cycle
5) Shapeshifting
6) Can heal in water
7) Nearly invincible in water
8.) Can summon any water vehicle to his need (ex: a ship, a cruise, etc.)
9) Can summon water from the nearest source anywhere
History: Mason lived in Miami, Florida with his mother. He was very scared of water, though, and had always been scared of the ocean. His mother always told him that he could be a good swimmer; it was in his blood. She told him that his father, a man named Phil Ocean, had been an excellent swimmer, and did various other water things, too. Mason always questioned his father: why did he stay with his mother for two months, and leave when she became pregnant with him? He had returned the day of his birth, but disappeared quickly after his actual birth, and telling Emily he loved her, but they would most likely never meet again. Anyway, Mason, around the time he was eleven, moved with his mother to a house with a pool. He became more comfortable in water, and would stay in there for a long time each day. Recently, about a week ago, a man came, named Arnold World, and killed his mother, and attempted to kill him, until the entire house was flooded heavily. The huge water-house thing busted out of the house, and jetted across the sky like a wave. Mason was very scared; it reminded him of a rollercoaster. Mason was taken to Camp Half-Blood, and the man disappeared. That night, Mason was claimed. Many Half-Bloods were shocked. Chiron and Mr. D had just arrived when they heard there was a camper that had sneaked past them. They took him to the Big House and explained everything. He talked about what had happened. He had been sad and crying the entire day because of his mother. All the other campers are curious of him and scared. He is now new at camp, still figuring out his powers; and him and the two Camp Directors are trying to find out who Arnold World is.
(At Olympus, Zeus is furious, as is the rest of the gods/goddesses. Arnold World was Hades trying to get revenge on the Titans. Hydros had saved his son.)
(copied from another site)
RP Example: Mason walked around Camp, crying about his mother. Many people were staring at him. He went into his cabin, crying. He didn't want to be seen like this. Who in the world was Arnold World? WHY WOULD HE KILL HIS MOTHER? Mason thought that if it wasn't for the wave, which he figured was from his Titan father, he also would've been dead, but that didn't matter. His mother mattered. He laid on his bunk. Why was this so complicated? Why did he have to be in this position?
(copied from another site)
When he arrives to Olympus eventually, him and Poseidon are going to have a father/son bond, because they're alike in a way. Him and Hades are going to be enemies.
'Arnold World' was a play on 'Underworld.'
(copied from another site)
His GFGP is a walking, talking, living stuffed animal dog named Brownie. Brownie will not die until Mason does; if burned or something, he regenerates.
(copied from another site)

Reserved slot for a rare character with a gift from their titan/god parent
7 slots
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My rare character slot promised READY FOR APPROVAL
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