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 Breanna Lebe

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PostSubject: Breanna Lebe    Tue Sep 11, 2012 8:08 pm

Breanna Lebe
Age: 16
Birthday: december 25
Skin Tone:tan
Body Type:slim
God|Titan|Primordial Parent:Urania
Mortal Parent: Titus Lebe
Siblings: Sevina Lebe, Tabatha Lebe, Emmanith Lebe, Korina Lebe, Nion Lebe
Place or origin: Puerto Rico
Education/occupation: She travels the world with her best friend
Ethnic background: She is puerto rican
Personality: She is sweet, sassy and honorable. She does tend to get smart, and when Ariel's not around she does alot of fights.
Hobbies; Singing
Picture or 10 sentence physical description: above
Talents: Singing
Flaws: She's so independant and fears the centaur
Powers: She can do this screech thing which paralyzes people, limited to five times. She uses Astrology , limited to five times a day. Her singing can also put people to sleep and when she hits high notes, poison them. Limited to five times too.
Weapon: Two daggers with her mother's symbol
Clothing: Dresses, lots of jewlry
History(6 sentence): Breanna was the last child of Titus Lebe. He had five older daughters, all born at the same time by Urania. It use to drive him crazy because all the daughters he had but he managed to get hold of it. Even though Titus Lebe wasn't italian he was part of a mafia, which is why Breanna always wondered what Urania seen in her fahter. Breanna always hated her father. She hated how he acted like she wasn't there. And she was soon jealous of her sisters. They were a big musical group only seen by the greek gods and demigods. They soon became the next generation of the muses. Which made her sad, she dfelt forgotten about since her sisters became goddesses and she was still just a demigod. Urania felt bad for her and sent her to a dance school, where she met Ariel and Bilga. She and Ariel became best friend as soon as they figured out they were both demigods. And then they walked away from the dance school at the same time working together.

RP Example(6 sentence): Breanna sighed as she looked around then at Ariel." LA, huh?" She asked her. Ariel nodded Brenna started walking again as she shoved her hands into the pockets of her dress. It was okay. LA was an okay spot but wasn't her place for some reason.

Notes: Her sisters became goddesses to make it clear.


Favorites at the top, least at the bottom

Breanna Lebe/15/ urania  
 Yue/Daughter of Rhea/ Goddess of Ice, personification of the moon(Coming soon)
 Ariel Santiago/15/ Kardia
  Jennica Swoyi/ 15/  Azula
Annadite/Daughter of Helen and Paris/Goddess of relationship, beauty and style
Isriella/ Daughter of Roman Apollo and Annadite/Goddess of Dance, musical voice, intimacy and romance
  Isabella Moore/4/  Annadite
   Taylor Gates/18/ Aphrodite
Katelyn and Trinady/  Odin/ 15
  Mariah/ 16/  Annadite
Karen Gates/16/ Aphrodite.
  Kardia Fotias/ Daughter of Hestia/ Goddess of heart, grace and Joy
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Blaze Lalonde
Blaze Lalonde

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PostSubject: Re: Breanna Lebe    Wed Nov 28, 2012 7:47 pm

What do you mean by "Uses astrology?"

Is there a cure for the poison?

Athena Minerva
Artemis Diana
Hestia Vesta
Ty Lee Tylin


Planning to make

12 slots left.

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Breanna Lebe
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