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 Sweetest flower you know!

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PostSubject: Sweetest flower you know!   Thu Nov 08, 2012 7:58 pm

You start off with 4 slots.

Demigod/Legacy Form

Ladasha Smithsonian

Gender: female
Birthdate: December 25
Place of birth: Brazil

Appearance: tan skin, pretty face and lovely long curly brown hair
Style: dresses and designer things and she is a biracial ( White and Puerto Rican)
Eyes: brown
Hair: brown
Weight: 97ilbs
Body Type: beautiful model like figure
Skin Color: tan, almost Caremel

How many years have they been at their camp?:2

God Parent(only for demigods): Cybele

Mortal Parent(only for demigods): Raphael Smithsonian
Mother(only for legacies):
Father(only for legacies):
Godly Granparent(only for legacies):

She can control animals, ones that do not belong to anyone. And make small mountains out of the ground that are 5 feet tall and 3 feet wide both are five times day because she gets tired after that many times

She will do anything for nature and fears dieing


Raphael was part of a peace corps. He loved nature and to climb mountains. A perfect man for Cybele. They met in Africa, he seen her with a lion pride. He loved her then. He seen her again in Asia while he was climbing a mountain there and finally he approached her. Cybele loved the gentleman he was and how he asked her before doing anything. They went steady for three months, and when the time was right they had their... moment. Cybele gave Rapheal a baby lamb and told him she needed him to hold on and care for the baby lamb while she was gone. He did and took the lamb with him. But as he stayed in Brazil, that's when Cybele gave him his gorgeous baby girl Ladasha. The baby lamb was for Dasha. Cybele revealed who she was to Raphael, he was disappointed but understood why she couldn't marry him. Raphael quite the peace corps and started his own landscaping business. He wanted Dasha to have the same childhood he had so he bought a farm, Dasha loved the farm but she loved visiting the woods, she bonded with the wild animals and nature there. But as she got older she realized who she was and her dad sent her to CHB. She didn't like the Aphrodite and Ares cabin but she enjoyed being with everyone else
Rp Example
Dasha walked threw the woods. waving to the nymphs and the satyrs that made googly eyes at her. Wubby followed her. It was lovely there

Notes: She loves to dance
And she has a lamb named Wubby


Favorites at the top, least at the bottom

Breanna Lebe/15/ urania  
 Yue/Daughter of Rhea/ Goddess of Ice, personification of the moon(Coming soon)
 Ariel Santiago/15/ Kardia
  Jennica Swoyi/ 15/  Azula
Annadite/Daughter of Helen and Paris/Goddess of relationship, beauty and style
Isriella/ Daughter of Roman Apollo and Annadite/Goddess of Dance, musical voice, intimacy and romance
  Isabella Moore/4/  Annadite
   Taylor Gates/18/ Aphrodite
Katelyn and Trinady/  Odin/ 15
  Mariah/ 16/  Annadite
Karen Gates/16/ Aphrodite.
  Kardia Fotias/ Daughter of Hestia/ Goddess of heart, grace and Joy
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PostSubject: Re: Sweetest flower you know!   Thu Nov 08, 2012 8:14 pm

...you need to mention the Demigod Travelers somewhere.

Reserved slot for a rare character with a gift from their titan/god parent
7 slots
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Sweetest flower you know!
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