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 Hades god of the underworld

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PostSubject: Hades god of the underworld   Mon Aug 12, 2013 12:22 pm

Myth:Hades was one of the children of kronos and mother rhea who grew inside kronos
God/goddess/Titan/titaness of:The underworld
Father (if any): Kronos
Mother (if any):Mother Rhea
Siblings (if any): His sisters were Hera and Hestia. Demeter Poseidon and Zeus are his brothers
Children (if any):Nico de angelo , bianca de angelo
Picture of modern form:

Animal: cerbarus

Husband/wife: peresphone
Powers (if a made up god):
Ancient picture:

Flaws (2): Holding grudges and has a very bad sense of humor
RP example*: hades walked over to the girl "I've been expecting you !"I sneered. the girl stuttered ""wha-t do yo-u mea-n!" she started backing against the wall ."Your the next possible oracle!" Hades muttered "You will never take the crumbling orcale!".He summoned a armed skeleton and then it shot...The boy hair singed to a deep black tone as hades clicked his fingers burning the boys hair slightly.The boy pulled out a rusty knife and threw it at hades , it caught hades pale sking and hades winced as golden blood trickled down his arm.Hades launched at the boy poised to kill and he grabbed the boys throat and then the boy dropped to the floor with a loud thud.A cloud of darkness appeared and hades vanished.
Personal history*: Hades was trapped in kronos stomach as he was immortal, he grew.He was freed when kronos regurgitated him.Also he helped overthrow his father by following his brother zeus's lead.after beating kronos the realms were split between the big 3 and hades got the worst job in his opinion.He then one day saw peresphone Zeus gave hades permission but said he doubted Demeter would gve him permission.So hades decided to abduct pereshone while she was looking at flowers he.she was forced to be hades wife and demeter resided with them to.peresphone became queen of the large underworld.
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Hades god of the underworld
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